Hamed Safi

Strategic Design Lead & Design Systems Architect

Crafting Elegant Interfaces for Enhanced Usability.
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Elevate Your SaaS Experience with Expert UI/UX Design

I am a Data-Driven UX Analyst and an advanced user of Figma. I specialize in creating user-centric products that are scalable and ready to evolve with your needs.

My skills include advanced prototyping, designing user-centric interfaces, agile project management, and conducting comprehensive user research. With my expertise and passion, I bring your vision to life.

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Proven Track Record of Success
User Interface Design, Product Design, and Design Systems
Enhancing Digital Workspace Solutions
I designed a custom design system that increased sales, improved onboarding, and boosted client acquisition efficiency.
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Revamping Music Learning Platforms
My work with a major online music education platform led to increased signups and enhanced user experience.
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Optimizing Financial Service Interfaces
For a prominent financial services company, my designs significantly reduced development and QA turnaround time and increased sales by 30%.
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Reimagining AI Technology
At a leading AI technology firm, I redesigned their platform, resulting in a 20% increase in engagement and a 58% decrease in onboarding time.
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Innovating in Blockchain Gaming
My innovative designs for a blockchain gaming company led to a 12% rise in daily active users.
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Transforming Media Planning Tools
I managed the design of 15 user-centric products for a top media planning platform, boosting user adoption rate.
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What I Offer:

End-to-End Design Expertise
I provide complete design solutions that are customized to your business requirements, from the initial concept to the final execution.
Design That Tells Your Story
I create websites, applications, and visual content that reflect your brand's unique narrative.
Strategic Design Thinking
I use creative design and strategic thinking to achieve your business goals.
Result-Oriented Strategies
Focused on creating designs that not only look great but drive business results.
What Colleagues Say About My Work
Your designs are spot on! Love the work you've done to our brand.
“I love whats happening with our branding! Keep up the good work “
“Thanks for your presentation today! Its awesome to see. Everything you said speaks to our brand even the logical personality THAT FITS TO A TEE! ”
“Hey I just want to say that the website looks incredibel. You did an amazing job! Feel so proud showing where I work now 😊 ”
“Thanks Hamed - Wanted to say thanks again for putting the designs together. I appreciate you going through the flow of how you arrived at the concepts and I always LOVE when multiple interactions are put together. This is a super strong base for our brand to blow people’s minds.”
“Our brand has improved like 10000x since you started working on it”
15+ Years
Brand Design. Visual Strategy, UX/UI, Product Design, Design Systems (DS)
50+ Brands
Fin-tech, Mar-tech, Trading, Crypto, NFT’s, Ad-tech, Retail, Health, AR, AI, ML
Frequently Asked Questions
What design software/tools do you use?

As a product and UI designer, I am proficient in using various design software and tools to create visually appealing and functional designs. Some of the design software and tools that I commonly use include:

Figma, Adobe Creative Suite, Procreate, InVision Studio, Pen and Paper

Do you conduct user research?

I have extensive experience conducting user research and applying User Experience (UX) principles to my design process. I understand the importance of understanding user needs and behaviors to create meaningful and effective products.

My experience with UX includes conducting various research methods such as user interviews, surveys, usability testing, and competitive analysis. I use these research findings to inform my design decisions and create user-centered solutions that are intuitive, efficient, and delightful to use.

In addition to user research, I create wireframes, prototypes, and mockups to communicate design concepts and interactions visually. I iterate on designs based on user feedback and continuously refine the user experience to ensure that it aligns with the needs and goals of the target audience.

By incorporating user research and UX principles into my design process, I strive to create products that look visually appealing and provide a seamless and enjoyable experience for users, resulting in improved user satisfaction and product success.

How do you handle design feedback?

I value feedback as a crucial part of the design process. Here's how I typically handle design feedback:

Listen actively: I actively listen to feedback, taking notes and ensuring I fully understand the comments or suggestions provided.

Stay open-minded: I approach feedback openly and remain receptive to different perspectives and opinions. I understand that feedback is an opportunity for improvement and not personal criticism.

Clarify and ask questions: If I am unclear about any feedback, I seek clarification by asking questions to ensure that I fully understand the feedback and its underlying reasons.

Evaluate feedback: I carefully evaluate the feedback against the project goals, design objectives, and user needs. I consider whether the feedback aligns with the project requirements and if it will enhance the overall user experience.

Prioritize and take action: I prioritize the feedback based on its impact and feasibility and take appropriate action accordingly. This may involve making revisions, exploring alternative solutions, or further validating with user research.

Communicate and iterate: I proactively communicate my design decisions and revisions to stakeholders, explaining how I have addressed the feedback. I repeat the design based on feedback and refine it until the desired outcome.

Remain professional and respectful: I always maintain a professional and respectful attitude towards feedback providers, acknowledging their input and expressing gratitude for their insights.

Do you have experience with developing design systems?

Yes, I have extensive experience in developing design systems. I understand the importance of creating consistent and scalable design solutions across different platforms and devices. I have successfully developed design systems for various projects, ranging from small-scale applications to large enterprise-level products.

In developing design systems, I follow industry best practices and principles such as atomic design, component-based design, and pattern libraries. I create a comprehensive set of design guidelines and documentation that cover UI components, typography, color palette, spacing, and other design elements. I also work closely with developers to ensure seamless integration and implementation of the design system into the final product.

Design systems are crucial for maintaining brand consistency, improving productivity, and enabling efficient collaboration among team members. I take pride in my ability to create well-structured and organized design systems that streamline the design process and contribute to the overall success of a project.

What is your preferred design process?

My preferred design process typically involves the following stages:

Research: I conduct thorough research to understand the project goals, target users, and market landscape. This may involve user research, competitive analysis, and trend analysis to gather insights and inform the design direction.

Define: I define the design problem by creating a clear design brief and identifying the key challenges and opportunities. I collaborate with stakeholders to align project objectives, scope, and requirements.

Ideate: I generate multiple design concepts and ideas through sketching, brainstorming, and prototyping. At this stage, I encourage creativity and exploration, aiming to develop diverse and innovative solutions.

Design: I develop detailed design solutions based on the chosen concepts, utilizing design software and tools. This includes creating wireframes, mockups, and prototypes and refining the design iteratively.

Test: I conduct usability testing and gather user feedback to validate the design and make data-driven improvements. I use user feedback to refine and iterate on the design, ensuring it meets user needs and expectations.

Deliver: Once the design is finalized, I create design documentation, style guides, and assets for development. I work closely with developers to ensure the design is implemented accurately and effectively.

Evaluate: After launching the design, I evaluate its performance against the project goals and gather insights for future projects. I seek stakeholder feedback and learn from the design process to improve my design approach continually.

What is your availability for new projects?

I am currently available and excited to discuss your project and timeline in more detail. Let's connect and explore how I can best contribute to your design needs.

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